So what exactly is a stretched canvas print? Sounds like the canvas picture is warped doesn’t it! Thankfully that isn’t the case and it literally means that the printed canvas is wrapped around a wooden frame. The wooden frames are also known as stretcher bars which may be where the term stretched canvas art originated from.

So a canvas print will have four stretcher bars, one for each side of the wooden frame. These are sourced from the supplier and can be bought in a range of sizes so the canvas printer can create a huge variation of canvas framed sizes. The stretcher bars will usually come in sizes of varying inch increments.

Fotoviva Art Prints are a canvas printing company in the UK who only buy in stretcher bars that have been FSC approved. That means the wood from the bars can be traced back to forests that have been approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council to ensure the wood was taken from forests that are sustainable. Protecting the environment and its wildlife is important to a lot of people and Fotoviva do all they can to help. The FSC approved stretcher bars cost a little more but we feel the price is worth it.

So a stretched canvas print is basically where the image is printed onto high quality 100% cotton canvas material. This is then stretched (or for a better word, wrapped) around the stretcher bar frame and finished off.

Photographs printed on canvas are ideal for enhancing your home or office decor as they come ready to hang – no framing required! They are also light and long lasting thanks to the quality of printing inks these days.