When looking on the web for a canvas printing company what do you look for? A good looking website that is easy to use, shows the photos and canvas products clearly and is easy to navigate? Or perhaps the price of the canvases is more important? Some people even look to the higher priced canvases because they think the canvas printing will be superior (this can be but is not always the case!).

Do you look for high quality image galleries or photo collections that have a wide range of pictures? One thing you need to be aware of is the quality of the pictures that will be printed as canvas art. If you order a huge canvas print and the image is not high enough quality it will look shoddy, so make sure you find a reputable canvas print website.

Customer service is important too. I have heard so many stories about people ordering canvases from other companies and when it doesn’t arrive they just can’t get through to anyone at the printers and nobody replies to their emails! Shocking in this day and age.

So look around and make sure your money is being spent wisely on a reputable canvas print company here in the UK.