office art prints

Inspire your office space with beautiful wall art

Office environments have come a long way from the bland and boring styles of a few years ago. Staff and businesses now understand that a nice working environment is going to have a positive effect on the workflow and of course the atmosphere of the company. Office wall decor plays an important role in bringing a business into the world of today.

Artwork for the office can come in many different forms but it does differ to the kind of wall prints you have in the home. Office art prints need to be clean, contemporary and have a creative or designery twist. When you decide to decorate your office space with some wall art there are plenty of options to choose from. If you are a large corporate company you may like to think about allocating a budget for an interior designer to come in and find the best style of office artwork for you. These professionals will have vast experience of decorating offices with art and should be able to buy office wall art from their preferred suppliers on your behalf, saving you time and money.

Renting Office Art

You may even be able to rent office art which has the added option of being able to change the artwork every few months to keep things fresh. Your interior designer will be able to choose the right office art prints for you for a monthly retainer. This is an ideal option for large offices who can afford the budget. Some companies specialise in offering a range of office wall prints to rent, although you may find the selection a bit old and tired unless they update their portfolio regularly.

Buying Office Prints

At Fotoviva Art Prints you can buy office canvas prints for your business. This large wall art is great for some office spaces thanks to the ease of hanging and the low maintenance canvas wall art offers. If your office is of a modern design you may be better to buy acrylic prints from us. These acrylic photo frames produce a very contemporary and designery piece of artwork for offices which will work well with clean and bright company offices. At Fotoviva we print our photo imagery onto really good quality photo paper to ensure a great finish. It’s then magically bonded to the back of an acrylic perspex sheet and when two are put together you have a wonderfully glossy and bright piece of office wall art that will wow your clients and customers. Easy to clean and great value for money, acrylic wall prints are the best option for office wall pictures.

Naturally we have a wide range of office wall art hanging in our company, and everyone who visits comments on how they are a great way to brighten up the rooms, and a lovely way to bring the world of art and photography into your office. To decorate an office with wall art just follow these tips:

  • Decide what type of wall art will best suit your office space
  • Measure the wall space and work out the ideal size for the artwork
  • Think about the colours you want to introduce to the office
  • Do you want office canvas art or perhaps acrylic prints?
  • Head over to Fotoviva Art Prints to buy your office wall art

Hopefully this short guide on how to buy office wall art will have inspired you to decorate your office walls with some beautiful images that will help create a nicer working environment for your people who matter – the employees. The happier they are, the better they work.