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We have just added a stunningly beautiful floral print to our collection, courtesy of award-winning floral photographer Jacky Parker. This piece of wall art is called ‘Love in the Mist II’ and is available as a print on canvas (as seen in the above photo) or an acrylic wall picture.

Jacky has contributed to a large selection of our Flower Art Prints collection and this particular piece is another fantastic piece of photography. Jacky has won many prestigious photography awards for her flower photography and this is a perfect example of just how good she is, bringing perfect subject, composition and lighting together in one shot.

You find more work by Jacky Parker on her profile gallery page which showcases her wonderful floral photography. Each picture is available from our online gallery so have a look and find that perfect piece of wall art for your home or office.


FSC wood canvas frames

Here at Fotoviva Art Prints we are keen to help save the environment as much as we can. We are consuming the Earth’s resources 20% faster than they can be sustained, so we all have to do what we can – and as soon as we can. With this in mind, we now have our canvases made from wood which comes from sustainable forests (FSC), which means the trees are replaced by new ones and the forests, and their wildlife, are preserved as much as possible. We also use low vapour emitting sealant for the canvases which is better for the environment and your health. This sealant is used to protect the canvas surface and enhance the colour fidelity of the print.

The next stage would be to use vegetable based inks but at present we have not found any that provide the colour range and longevity to match the normal inks. If you have any ideas of how we can reduce our carbon footprint and become even greener please let us know. We recycle as much waste as possible, from our paper and packaging to our yoghurt pots and toilet rolls! We even compost our tea bags!

We know printing in general is not good for the environment but we feel it is important we do what we can for the planet. Our stretcher bar frames for the canvases cost us more to be sourced from FSC wood but it’s actually not as much of a leap as you may think. We absorb the cost, not add it to the cost of the printed canvas. We are also always looking for new and greener packaging options. If you are a packaging company who has an environmentally friendly solution please contact us.

Photography Canvas Prints

Photos Canvas

Photographers are always looking to market their artwork in new ways that will help increase sales and revenue. Canvas prints are an ideal way to sell photographic art as it is such a vibrant and eye catching printing method, not to mention ready to hang. Canvases are printed onto high quality 100% cotton canvas material using sophisticated printers that help capture a large tonal range and fine-point detail in the picture. The canvas is then wrapped around a strong wooden frame, known as stretcher bars, and finished off with professional tape. A fixing bracket is attached and a UV varnish applied to the canvas to ensure it is protected for many years. The printing ink is light resistant for more than 75 years, ensuring the canvas art is going to last.

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More and more people are getting excited and choosing canvas mounted photos because it is the most personalized treasure of great memories and it also rescues nice pictures from the album. Photo canvas is a method in which the high quality digital photo is converted into a work of art and printed in a high quality real fiber cotton canvas to give life to the photo. Canvassed photo prints provide a great look on the walls of the home, hotel, bar or offices because they make the photo look very real and add beauty to the picture as well as the wall and beautiful canvas art can be created using any of your favorite photos involving places, peoples, nature scenes, or even holiday spots.

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Butterfly Canvas Art

Have you ever wondered what your image would look like stretched across a canvas? Fotoviva, a fantastic imagery sight now offers the chance for you to view your own digital images as self inspired wall art. The ability to have your images transformed into a one of a kind art object is simply wonderful. No matter the size you choose, the image will be created on canvas.

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Images can make or break an interior design theme. Many people find inspiration for their interior design projects from home decorating pictures. It can be difficult to visualize a finished room using the various design themes. You may think the French Country style is perfect for your kitchen or lounge but when you actually see this theme used in home decorating galleries, you may find it is not suitable for your project. Contemporary style is very popular nowadays with its trendy accessories, fabric and furniture but is it for your home? Browsing wall art for a contemporary design will help you decide whether it’s for your home or not. Tuscan design sounds beautiful when you read about it in magazines and books but you need a rustic style home in the first place for it to work. There are many wonderful Tuscan landscape prints around available as canvas artworks. Continue reading