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We have just added a stunningly beautiful floral print to our collection, courtesy of award-winning floral photographer Jacky Parker. This piece of wall art is called ‘Love in the Mist II’ and is available as a print on canvas (as seen in the above photo) or an acrylic wall picture.

Jacky has contributed to a large selection of our Flower Art Prints collection and this particular piece is another fantastic piece of photography. Jacky has won many prestigious photography awards for her flower photography and this is a perfect example of just how good she is, bringing perfect subject, composition and lighting together in one shot.

You find more work by Jacky Parker on her profile gallery page which showcases her wonderful floral photography. Each picture is available from our online gallery so have a look and find that perfect piece of wall art for your home or office.

office art prints

Inspire your office space with beautiful wall art

Office environments have come a long way from the bland and boring styles of a few years ago. Staff and businesses now understand that a nice working environment is going to have a positive effect on the workflow and of course the atmosphere of the company. Office wall decor plays an important role in bringing a business into the world of today. Continue reading

bright wall art design

Have you walked in your living room or bedroom and felt that something just is not right?  That maybe something is missing?  You look around and then you realize that you are standing in a room looking at random things hanging on the walls or worse, you are staring at just bare walls.  A guaranteed solution to this problem is to accessorize your walls by putting up the right art pieces.  This will surely eliminate the boring neutral mood that missing art pieces give or the awkward feeling because of the wrong art pieces.  Not only does this add life to the room, it also gives it a story and essentially changes the environment of the room thus changing your mood or disposition.  Something so simple and often overlooked is the key to much, much more. Continue reading

limited edition pictures

The term “limited edition print” is rather vague. To understand the nuances involved in this term and make an informed decision in the world of fine art, it behooves us to understand the different meanings that are implied by this term. For that, it is necessary to be familiar with the processes involved.

Using his creativity and imagination, the artist creates an original print using a block, plate or screen. The artist’s skill is at work at this point because, most of the times, the image he creates on the matrix (the template from which the final print is made) is not the same as the finished work. It is a mirror image and the image is reversed in the printing phase. Continue reading

Wall Art

Interior design can turn a bland room into something almost magical with a combination of colour scheme, furniture, accessories and wall art. Paying an interior designer to decorate your home will transform it into something your friends will talk about for some time. Interior designers use many types of wall art to help bring the walls to life, from paintings and posters to photos on canvas and acrylic styled artwork. It really depends on the type of house and its owners as to what wall art works best for a particular property.

Some designers may use acrylic prints (also known as Perspex prints) that would compliment a contemporary interior design, thanks to the flame polished edges and high gloss finish they offer. Acrylic prints are almost 3D in nature thanks to the 5mm acrylic sheet which reflects the printed image around the edges. It’s a very striking way to display a picture and interior designers are enjoying the brightness these prints bring to any room they hang in.

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Butterfly Canvas Art

Have you ever wondered what your image would look like stretched across a canvas? Fotoviva, a fantastic imagery sight now offers the chance for you to view your own digital images as self inspired wall art. The ability to have your images transformed into a one of a kind art object is simply wonderful. No matter the size you choose, the image will be created on canvas.

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