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Inspire your office space with beautiful wall art

Office environments have come a long way from the bland and boring styles of a few years ago. Staff and businesses now understand that a nice working environment is going to have a positive effect on the workflow and of course the atmosphere of the company. Office wall decor plays an important role in bringing a business into the world of today. View full article »


bright wall art design

Have you walked in your living room or bedroom and felt that something just is not right?  That maybe something is missing?  You look around and then you realize that you are standing in a room looking at random things hanging on the walls or worse, you are staring at just bare walls.  A guaranteed solution to this problem is to accessorize your walls by putting up the right art pieces.  This will surely eliminate the boring neutral mood that missing art pieces give or the awkward feeling because of the wrong art pieces.  Not only does this add life to the room, it also gives it a story and essentially changes the environment of the room thus changing your mood or disposition.  Something so simple and often overlooked is the key to much, much more. View full article »

Over the centuries there have been many lauded artworks, and some have become so famous that they are instantly recognisable the world over. Here we show you a selection of ten of the most recognised art masterpieces of all time.

10. The Son of Man, 1964, by Rene Magritte

The Son of Man by Rene Magritte

The Son of Man by Rene Magritte

The Son of Man is a fairly iconic image that was imagined as a self-portrait. The image shows a man in a suit wearing a bowler hat, although his face is covered by an apple which hovers in mid-air. This lends an air of mystery as well as intrigue to the artwork, as the audience tries to find out more about the man behind the green apple.

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Teaching Art… Or Technique?

Teaching Art

It has long been said that you cannot teach art, that you can only teach technique. While that is possibly true, there are a great many techniques that have been developed down through the ages that have become a staple of creating art works. Art teachers can draw upon these staples to create lessons that, hopefully, will create a satisfying art experience for the student. While they may not produce great art, they should at least walk away from an art lesson feeling that they know a little bit more about art and how art is created. That way, when buying an art print on canvas, they will know what to look for.

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Blueberry Beach Canvas

Canvas art is a great way for designing interior house walls or office walls. Hanging a panoramic canvas print in your room will make your room altogether more artistic and gives you a great feeling.

Some images like wide landscape vistas and seascape suits perfectly well on the canvas. To create an amazing work of art in the olden days they used to paint on the canvas. Now you can put your art works and photos on the canvas much easier.
Designing your room in a modern way will always up-lift your room. Hanging panoramic canvas prints with a very beautiful scenic in your room will surely create a very sweet experience. Fotoviva Art Prints have a great selection of panoramic canvas prints in their image collections which feature some truly stunning photography.

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limited edition pictures

The term “limited edition print” is rather vague. To understand the nuances involved in this term and make an informed decision in the world of fine art, it behooves us to understand the different meanings that are implied by this term. For that, it is necessary to be familiar with the processes involved.

Using his creativity and imagination, the artist creates an original print using a block, plate or screen. The artist’s skill is at work at this point because, most of the times, the image he creates on the matrix (the template from which the final print is made) is not the same as the finished work. It is a mirror image and the image is reversed in the printing phase. View full article »