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Images can make or break an interior design theme. Many people find inspiration for their interior design projects from home decorating pictures. It can be difficult to visualize a finished room using the various design themes. You may think the French Country style is perfect for your kitchen or lounge but when you actually see this theme used in home decorating galleries, you may find it is not suitable for your project. Contemporary style is very popular nowadays with its trendy accessories, fabric and furniture but is it for your home? Browsing wall art for a contemporary design will help you decide whether it’s for your home or not. Tuscan design sounds beautiful when you read about it in magazines and books but you need a rustic style home in the first place for it to work. There are many wonderful Tuscan landscape prints around available as canvas artworks. Continue reading


Stretched Canvas Prints

So what exactly is a stretched canvas print? Sounds like the canvas picture is warped doesn’t it! Thankfully that isn’t the case and it literally means that the printed canvas is wrapped around a wooden frame. The wooden frames are also known as stretcher bars which may be where the term stretched canvas art originated from.

So a canvas print will have four stretcher bars, one for each side of the wooden frame. These are sourced from the supplier and can be bought in a range of sizes so the canvas printer can create a huge variation of canvas framed sizes. The stretcher bars will usually come in sizes of varying inch increments. Continue reading

Interior design can turn a bland room into something almost magical with a combination of colour scheme, furniture, accessories and wall art. Paying an interior designer to decorate your home will transform it into something your friends will talk about for some time. Interior designers use many types of wall art to help bring the walls to life, from paintings and posters to photos on canvas and acrylic styled artwork. It really depends on the type of house and its owners as to what wall art works best for a particular property.

Some designers may use acrylic prints (also known as Perspex prints) that would compliment a contemporary interior design, thanks to the flame polished edges and high gloss finish they offer. Acrylic prints are almost 3D in nature thanks to the 5mm acrylic sheet which reflects the printed image around the edges. It’s a very striking way to display a picture and interior designers are enjoying the brightness these prints bring to any room they hang in. Continue reading

Art was once considered the larger it was the better. The frame of course had to be a little on the gaudy side and over powered most of the room. Today art has taken a turn for the better. Unexpectedly so, art investors have been searching out pieces for use in their office décor, art pieces without frames and printed or painted on Canvas. Companies throughout the world appreciate fine art even when the image is wrapped around the canvas; edges coated in the image grab the eye of many. This is a very unique way to incorporate an unframed art piece into the space. Whether your office has a strict policy or is more relaxed to welcome clients the choice is unanimous when it comes to framed art or canvas art. Continue reading

massive canvas print

Enjoying art can be a nice way to relax, and the new faze in the interior design world is canvas art – the novel and great way to have artwork printed for your interior walls.

Self inspired wall art will encourage a dramatic change to any wall space within your home or office. You’ll be able to create mood with your favourite holiday image, or the cool snowboard stunt from last winter and even your best friend may have a space on the wall as well. Fotoviva is changing the way people utilize their digital images. With any image you have the ability to ask for abnormal shapes or sizes. Your images can be cut into individual pieces for the wall, sitters or even dramatically cut into various canvases to create a three hundred and sixty degree view. Self inspired are is very catchy for the home and office. Not only are you allowing people to see your images through their eyes, but you are encouraging people to ask questions about your art work. Continue reading

More and more people are getting excited and choosing canvas mounted photos because it is the most personalized treasure of great memories and it also rescues nice pictures from the album. Photo on canvas is a method in which the high quality digital photo is converted into a work of art and printed in a high quality real fiber cotton canvas to give life to the photo. Canvassed photo give a great look on the walls of the house, offices because this can make the photo look very real and adds beauty to the photo as well as the wall and beautiful canvas art can be created using any of your favorite photos involving places, peoples, nature scenes, or even holiday spots. Continue reading