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Self Designed Wall Canvas Art

massive canvas print

Enjoying art can be a nice way to relax, and the new faze in the interior design world is canvas art – the novel and great way to have artwork printed for your interior walls.

Self inspired wall art will encourage a dramatic change to any wall space within your home or office. You’ll be able to create mood with your favourite holiday image, or the cool snowboard stunt from last winter and even your best friend may have a space on the wall as well. Fotoviva is changing the way people utilize their digital images. With any image you have the ability to ask for abnormal shapes or sizes. Your images can be cut into individual pieces for the wall, sitters or even dramatically cut into various canvases to create a three hundred and sixty degree view. Self inspired are is very catchy for the home and office. Not only are you allowing people to see your images through their eyes, but you are encouraging people to ask questions about your art work. Continue reading


More and more people are getting excited and choosing canvas mounted photos because it is the most personalized treasure of great memories and it also rescues nice pictures from the album. Photo on canvas is a method in which the high quality digital photo is converted into a work of art and printed in a high quality real fiber cotton canvas to give life to the photo. Canvassed photo give a great look on the walls of the house, offices because this can make the photo look very real and adds beauty to the photo as well as the wall and beautiful canvas art can be created using any of your favorite photos involving places, peoples, nature scenes, or even holiday spots. Continue reading