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We have just added a stunningly beautiful floral print to our collection, courtesy of award-winning floral photographer Jacky Parker. This piece of wall art is called ‘Love in the Mist II’ and is available as a print on canvas (as seen in the above photo) or an acrylic wall picture.

Jacky has contributed to a large selection of our Flower Art Prints collection and this particular piece is another fantastic piece of photography. Jacky has won many prestigious photography awards for her flower photography and this is a perfect example of just how good she is, bringing perfect subject, composition and lighting together in one shot.

You find more work by Jacky Parker on her profile gallery page which showcases her wonderful floral photography. Each picture is available from our online gallery so have a look and find that perfect piece of wall art for your home or office.


Doug Chinnery flower photo

The Power of Nature

Flowers are one of the most wonderful creations of nature; our lives achieve a rare freshness through such amazing creations of God. Flowers are often our favorite objects to be placed within office premises and walls of houses. Objects like these add to our smiles and enhance positive thoughts in our minds. You’re likely to come across several companies that sell flower prints on canvas; a large number of them have gained an edge by providing different varieties and patterns. These days, the popularity of flower vases has reduced, since it’s considered as an old way of decorating homes. It is often quite difficult to handle these vases, and they occupy considerable space within one’s home. It is even more difficult to manage a platform where they’ll be safe; vases undergo frequent damages. It is a great option to buy floral prints created with acrylic prints, but you must know how to preserve them in the long run. Lower prints on canvas are surely one of the best known ways for decorating your home. Continue reading